Corporate Travel

We don't have a travel dept. can you help my company?

The reality is for most businesses only large organizations generally can justify the need or afford to maintain and operate their own corporate travel department. So what about the rest of you? Well that's where partnering with a travel professional can be of a big resource.

WindSail Travel is more than capable and willing to work with businesses to serve their business travel needs. Our program operates two ways. First, you can establish a contract for services in which you pay us a month rate or per transaction rate to research and book your travel needs. In this model we will rebate back any commission we may earn during the process of making your arrangements, for the duration of the contracted period or session. Or Second, the default model which requires no contract or commitments from you or your organization. You pay only a small convience fee which varies slightly on type of booking but is generally $30 for non-commissionable bookings. However, there are no fees for commissionable bookings, as we will simply receive our traditional contracted commissions from our supplier(s).

We are also working on a loyalty program for our business clients who estimate the need for at least one solid booking per month. As the program develops we will expand it to include all business clients. We are also considering a special program to allow clients to take advantage of special savings on their leisure travel for committing their corporate travel business to us. Please let us know if you are interested in the loyalty program, so we can provide details as they become available, or provide us with suggestions to help build a successful program.

Incentive Travel

Developing an Incentive Travel program for your company can be an excellent way to reward your employees for obtaining their goals. Best of all we will manage the program for you, eliminating the need for additional overhead within your organization. This is especially popular with sales based organization who provide a cruise to their top employees/agents, or those to meet required sales goals quarterly or annually. By establishing an incentive group trip onboard a perticular sailing, it provides optimal pricing for you as a company, and additional onboard bonuses to those you are sending. Most ships also have meeting space so this can also be a great place to hold a special meeting, or awards dinner even.